A Good Library

(Tried and Tested)

Spotting the right resources to use for our Literary Studies is a task. It is not just time-consuming but it is also a financial bully. Trust me, I have an extensive home library. But, not all of those books are really helpful. Some are difficult to understand, some contain too much information. Some are too dry, while some are too big. 

So, this is my honest effort to connect you with the resources that I have found most suitable for my literary studies. I hope this list will not just save your time and money, but will also help you regain your mental strength and motivation back.


Old English Period

Beowulf: A Verse Translation: 0 (Norton Critical Editions)

This one is a little expensive. I spent months trying to find cheaper alteranatives. But, after all those wasted efforts, I found it to be perhaps the best in the market. If you are studying this one for Beowulf (the Bible of Beowulf!) you will never need anything else ever for the rest of your life. Not an exaggeration! 


Advanced Grammar in Use with Answers

If you have some foundation in English Grammar (nouns, verbs, etc.), you only need this one book. I bought it off Amazon in June 2018 and have been referring to it since. I have used other books too. But I have always never found myself going back to any other grammar book as much as I did with this one. I love it. PS – If you are buying this, please don’t go for the kindle edition. Buy the hard copy. Thank me later!