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Literature is the expression of the thoughts of society. Books are specimens of the conversations of an age, preserved in the spirit of taste and of genius.


What is "A Good Library"?

Literature is fascinating… So are Linguistics, Philosophy, History and other related subjects. They are inherently intertwined. Studying just one of them doesn’t fulfill the soul. Ever heard an R. D. Burman or A. R. Rahman song? Myriad musical instruments tuned together so beautifully, that it suds an immortal, soul-soothing song. It’s kind of like that… 

A Good Library is an initiative. it’s not a coaching site per se. You can call it an “exploration” website, or maybe a “for-understanding” or “knowtainer” website. 

Here, you will find the analysis of say, World War novels but, at the same time, you will also find the Hows, Whens, and Whys of the World War. 

Here, you will get those moments – You know, the feeling – “Ohhhhhh… Nooooww, I got it! I can’t believe that was what happening in the society. And, that’s why Edith Wharton wrote that sentence in The Age of Innocence.” 

And, it doesn’t stop here. 

You may also say – “My God… it’s so interesting. Let me check more about Old-moneyed and New-Moneyed concept… Oh, here’s something about Harlem Renaissance.”  

This is A Good Library – A place for every die-hard-passionate kind of literature person to hang out. A person who loves Literature because it means something to them <3 


About the content -

The content published on this website is focused on comprehensive learning of English Literature & not designed for any particular course, examination, or syllabus. It is meant for anyone who wants to “understand” Literature “thoroughly” & not just to clear a test.

Also, as you’ll read below, I’m a student myself – a student who graduated with an English Literature degree & is now pursuing MA. I’m not a teacher or a maestro of Literature. The content (articles, videos, audio, etc.) that I publish are my study notes. You can trust that a person so dedicated to literature would not like to have false knowledge herself. Whatever I study, I put all of that up honestly. 

You can use A Good Library as the notes you borrow from your friend when you miss the class. Just in a little more organized, neat, informative, & well-structured manner. 🙂

I’ll ensure that everything written here, is 100% correct. But, if you ever find any errors, feel free to drop a message through the contact section. Just remember, I’m your study-mate. So, be kind always! 🙂 Instead of responding to rude comments, I’d prefer picking up another classic & have discussion with other fanatics. 😉 

Moreover, A Good Library is my way of financing my studies & buying study material. So, please don’t mind the ads! 🙂


I am Jui Shirvalkar-Chandurkar

( And, I’m obsessed with reading, just like you! )

Let’s get in touch? Catch me at -

My Story

I fell in love with reading when I was a young girl. I started reading Marathi novels, my mother tongue. Later, I included English books in my library and enjoyed them just as much.

Academic & Professional Background

I’m a Software Engineer. Okay, what? What is an Engineer doing writing about literature?

I completed my Engineering in IT in 2017. After that, with my now-husband’s push, I switched my field. (And, I have never been happier!)

I got my second bachelor’s degree – B.A (2017-2020) in English Literature in 2020 from the University of Mumbai.

I have been working as a content writer and copywriter since December 2017.  

Presently, I’m pursuing MA from the University of Mumbai itself. (Cleared 1st Semester with a 9.75/10 and 2nd Semester 10/10 grade points) 

Here’s a little update: – 

My husband and I are blessed with a beautiful baby girl in April 2023.  

So, I will not be able to appear second part of MA this year. But, my studies have not stopped. Even if I have to take a break from formal education for at least a year or two, I’m going to keep upgrading my literary knowledge, learn more, and keep AGoodLibray.com active!  

Earlier, I was getting ready for UGC NET. But, now I think I will aim for JRF! Are you with me?