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Bear with me v/s Bare with me? What is the correct usage?

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We are going to tell you the correct usage of bare, just bear with us.  These homophones or similar sounding words have often been mistakenly and interchangeably used. Imagine typing ‘Bare with me’ in a group chat and not realizing that it means ‘undress with me’; won’t that be embarrassing? Ah well! The difference between them is super simple. One means be patient and the other means naked/ undressed/ uncovered.

Bear vs. Bare

The word bear has two meanings, one is the name of the furry giant animal that loves honey, and the other meaning is, to be patient. So, when you say ‘bear’, it means to be patient. This word is usually used when there is a little inconvenience. It is, therefore, a polite request to forbear with you while you explain/ do something that will take a while. It is usually used in an apologetic sense.

Now, the word bare has a couple of meanings too. It means to undress, uncover, naked or reveal all. So, when someone says that they bared the truth about Lila’s affair with her neighbor, it would mean that they uncovered the truth about it.    

Bear With Me and Bare With Me?

The phrase ‘bear with me’ is used when you are requesting someone to be patient with you. For example you ask an audience to bear with you through a long presentation.  

Or you bear the burden of the past. Bear is something that you have to endure.

While, the phrase ‘bare with me’ is when you get someone to undress with you. Now that would be something embarrassing to say when you are typing on a long email or official platform. Therefore, ‘bare with me’ is not a usual phrase that is often used.  

How to Remember the Spelling of Bear With Me

Ah! That’s simple. Bear in its verb form means ‘to endure/ to be patient’, while in its noun form it means a furry animal. 

So, a bear is an animal that is fond of honey and if you bear the struggle at a young age, you become successful in your later years.


 The comedy show was a flop, however, for the sake of my friends I had to bear with it.

The young musician said to the audience, ‘Bear with me, I might make some mistakes on the cello’.

I had to bear the smell of fish in the market, even though I didn’t like it.

Other Expressions 

“Bear with me, I have had a couple of extra beers”.

“I had to bear the pressure of water while scuba diving”.

“Please bear with me while I try to find the screenshots”.


Both the words sound so alike that it’s easy to confuse their usage. Like we said, bare means to uncover or naked, while bear means to go through something or endure something.

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