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Image Thumbnail Among vs Amongst Difference, Usage, Examples Grammar

Among v/s Amongst: Difference, Usage, Examples | Grammar

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Prepositions are those words that are used to describe the time at which something happened. So, there is no surprise that among is also a preposition. Just like advisor and adviser, among and amongst mean the same. The word among indicates a surrounding or a being a part of something bigger. It also means ‘through’ or ‘in’.


So, who came first? Well, of course, the egg! Ugh! No, we’re kidding, among came first. Among was born in the 1000CE in the British English. Later on, its little brother was born with not much difference in 1200 CE. Both the words are prepositions and indicate a place.

 Among: When to use?

Anywhere to use! Quite literally, there is no rule about using among. You can use it anywhere. You can say, “I am among my friends” or “We divided the last pizza among us”.

Amongst: When to use?

Again, you can use the word ‘amongst’ anywhere ‘among’ be used. You can use it in the same sentences as above. Therefore, you can say “I am amongst my friends” or “We divided the last pizza amongst us”. Since the words don’t have any difference you are free to use them wherever you want.

Among vs. Amongst

In this battle, there is no versus. Among and amongst are synonyms and hence, they don’t fight. Being siblings, the only battle they are in is the confusion of where to use which of them. A simple way to keep it will be, say, and write what you feel is correct since there is no English rule over it.

Which is more common?

We can determine which is more common in the area we are looking at. So, if you are writing for America, you use amongst, if you are writing for Britain, you use among.


In Canada and Britain, people use the word amongst whereas, in America, people use the word amongst. It is a matter of choice. Since, amongst sounds archaic, it is obvious you will use the word in British English. Americans however, prefer to sound more modern, therefore, they use the shorter form of the word that is among.


“Taj Mahal is amongst the 7 Wonders of the World”

“You will find the Titanic cassette among the old classics in the attic.”

“The salt was kept among the spices.”

The teacher asked the backbenchers to not talk amongst themselves.

Being kind to nature is one of our many duties as humans among others.

Remembering Among vs. Amongst

Since there is no difference between them, you don’t have to remember anything. However, while writing/ speaking make sure you know where you’re doing so. For example, if you’re in Britain/ Canada use the word amongst, if you are in America, feel free to use among.

These are interchangeable terms, you can use them whichever way you like. We hope that you could understand the usage. These are one of the few differences that we took up, amongst many others!

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